Monday, October 15, 2007

Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources

Courtesy of, here's an amazing collection of tools related to online video. They're organized into the following categories:

Live video communications
Online video how-to
Online video editors
Online video converters
Video sharing
Video hosting
Video organization and management
Vidcasts and vlogging
Video mashups
Mobile video apps
Online video search
Online video downloading services
Miscellaneous tools
Online TV

The site has too much advertising and is geared towards the myspace/facebook crowd, but you'd be hard pressed to find a more exhaustive list of online video tools.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

2007 First Year Conference

Today I attended UW-Madison's 9th annual conference on first-year students.

I came away impressed by the variety of people committed to making students' first year a good one and the depth to which many have thought and worked in this area.

I took three themes away from the event:

1. It is critical that students be exposed to the big picture, big questions, big problems of a given field in order to draw them in and provide useful context for studying the details of a problem/course/discipline. Many instructors are redesigning their courses (and in one case, creating a new textbook) around this concept.

2. Institutional learning outcomes, such as those described by LEAP, must permeate down to the course level and not just left to the end of a career.

3. Portfolios. Academic Technology could be a significant part of the discussion on the practical side of students showing they have met the outcomes.

e-Portfolios allow:
  • students to make connections across multiple experiences
  • students to reflect upon their experiences
  • students to share their collections/reflections with others (including advisors, job interviewers, family)
  • faculty, advisors, administrators to provide evidence of achieving LEAP outcomes
  • graduates to provide evidence to future employers
  • graduates to track their own learning over time

Here is my full collection of notes from the conference.