Friday, December 15, 2006

Univ of Manitoba Adopts Web 2.0 Approach to Learning

Right on.

This would be a great component to wrap around a course management system. I would love to see something like an ELGG network ("ELGG Spaces") that encompasses the CMS.

The University of Manitoba is trying out a new approach to education that borrows from popular social networking and information sites such as MySpace and Wikipedia.

The school's Virtual Learning Commons website lets staff and students create academic and personal profile pages they can use to share information or make new contacts.

The site, launched in September, was designed to take advantage of so-called Web 2.0 technologies commonly used to build online communities.

The approach is meant to foster learning through social collaboration and openness, Peter Tittenberger, the acting director of the university's learning technology centre said.

"The VLC allows students and staff an opportunity to connect, discuss, share and create content online as an entire university community — not at a course level," he said in a written statement. "It also allows students to define what they want to talk about, what's important to them and gives them a platform to discuss those concerns." Read Entire Article.....

The U of Manitoba's Virtual Learning Commons also contains:
  • an assignment manager (" The Assignment Manager will create a step-by-step schedule for you so you can successfully complete your assignments.")
  • online writing center
  • calendar ("The Calendar pulls together all items from the Assignment Manager and your To Do's.")
Those sound like CMS tasks to me....

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