Friday, May 30, 2008

The Current Drama of Blackboard vs. Desire2Learn

Michael Feldstein has done an incredible job of not only elaborating on the battle going on between Blackboard and D2L, but also in providing very informative insights from interviews and his research. In his latest dramatic post, Feldstein:
  • Shares the response from Bb's general counsel, Matt Small, to Feldstein's earlier report that Blackboard had been contacting D2L clients.
  • Includes comments from a legal advisor to one of D2L's clients explaining his version of the call he received from Matt Small.
  • Accurately characterizes the current state of anxiousness that D2L's U.S. clients feel.
  • Adds a potentially fascinating angle on how statewide university systems might have constitutional grounds for fighting Blackboard directly.

From a current D2L client's perspective, this is turning out to be one heckuva roller coaster ride.

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